Detroit Reverend Claims Drinking Water Supply as Bad as the Holocaust

Reverend Charles Williams, president of the Detroit chapter of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, came under scrutiny Wednesday for his comments that the drinking water in Flint, Michigan was approaching Holocaust levels.

Williams first said the water supply in Flint “almost as bad as gas chambers for Jews” while delivering bottled water to underprivileged areas Monday. When a local reporter for WJBK confronted him, he stood by the comments.

“The city of Flint’s residents are being sold bad water and being told to like it,” he said. “That’s just as unjust as slavery, that’s just as unjust as genocide. …An injustice is an injustice, whether its an injustice inside a concentration camp or an injustice on a slave plantation.”

“It’s an injustice in Flint where you’re being forced to purchase bad water,” he added. “We should stand against it all and I do.”

The local reporter reminded him that “people died in the Holocaust,” and Williams did clarify that he was not endorsing the Holocaust.

Somewhat less importantly, Williams also offended the city of Flint, which acknowledged its water problems but placed them at sub-Shoah levels.

Watch the clip below, via WJKB:

[h/t Fox Detroit]

[Image via screengrab]

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