‘Devil Baby’ Makes News by Scaring Crap Out of New Yorkers

In the age of social media, viral marketing campaigns are a dime a dozen, but a viral stunt for the upcoming film Devil’s Due has hit the jackpot. A YouTube video featuring an animatronic “Devil Baby” scaring every last trace of bejeezus out of New Yorkers has racked up 24 million views in less than two days, but the real multiplier of the campaign has been its crossover into news coverage.

The premise of the video is a familiar one: unsuspecting passersby are startled by the sudden movement of something that isn’t supposed to be suddenly moving. Devil Baby delivers the shocks, popping up out of an unattended remote-controlled stroller to take years off of concerned citizens’ lives:

The video was uploaded on Jan. 14, quickly made the jump to local news, and entered the cable news rotation yesterday, where it has been featured on Fox News, CNN, HLN, and MSNBC. Now, Devil Baby has really hit the big time: a post on Mediaite. The film opens tomorrow, but Devil Baby will not have peaked until he gets a Mediaite post featuring The Five talking about Devil Baby.

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