Devin Nunes Boasts That TV Ratings ‘Must Be Plummeting’ For Impeachment Hearings

House Intelligence Ranking Member Devin Nunes denounced Marie Yovanovitch’s hearing as a “show trial” in a short closing statement, and mused no one was watching on TV.

“I would just say to the American people today’s show trial has come to an end,” Nunes said Friday afternoon. “We’re headed down now to the basement of the capitol to go until I don’t know what time and we’ll be back there hiding again behind the closed doors. Interviewing more witnesses that you may or may not be able to see in the public.

Nunes went on to muse that television ratings for the hearings were low and no one was watching Yovanovitch’s testimony. The first day of impeachment hearings drew 13.082 million viewers across the largest cable news and network stations.

“I hate to break it to my colleagues, if there’s anyone else out there watching television ratings but they must be plummeting right now,” Nunes said.

“And I would suggest that we get back to the work of the intelligence committee. That we pass a trade agreement with the United States, Mexico, and Canada that would actually help the American people out because this is an embarrassment. I’ll yield back,” Nunes concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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