Diamond In The Rough: Johnny Depp Performs With The Black Keys At MTV Movie Awards

Tonight’s MTV Movie Awards show has thus far been difficult to watch. The show portrays a totally backwards world — one where Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton are somehow relevant again, but Ryan Gosling‘s performance in Drive is passé; where Russell Brand is considered “edgy”; and where vomitous “musicians” LMFAO can win awards.

Amongst all the faux-comedy, awkward award presentations, and excuses to air commercials for Axe body spray and the next season of Teen Mom, there lay a diamond in the rough: Johnny Depp performed with bluesy garage-rock stalwarts The Black Keys.

Depp was in attendance to pick up the prestigious(?) MTV Generation Award. Instead of make some nervous speech about “ecosystems” (see: Shailene Woodley) or make a lame french-kissing-your-dog’s-anus joke (see: Andy Samberg), Depp went the honorable route and joined the Keys to perform “Gold on the Ceiling” — the second single off the band’s seventh full-length album, El Camino.

Let me just say: I feel like a proud parent. I saw The Black Keys perform nearly a decade ago at a cramped venue in Washington, D.C. Years later, they’ve maintained their credibility and ferocious live show, but are now selling out Madison Square Garden and performing at a nationally-televised awards show with Johnny Depp (however silly the actual awards show may be).

Take a glimpse at a truly rare good moment from tonight’s show, via MTV:

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