Dick Cheney Refuses to Call Forced Rectal Feeding Torture

Appearing on Meet the Press to defend the CIA’s torture funplex enhanced interrogation techniques during his administration, former Vice President Dick Cheney went full Alice in Wonderland, saying that the techniques failed to cross the threshold of legal definition of torture, that legal definition being the one that allowed the techniques.

“We were very careful to stop short of torture,” Cheney said. “The Senate has seen fit to label the report torture, but we worked hard to stay short of that definition…The definition is the one that was provided by the office of legal counsel….All of the techniques that were authorized by the president were, in effect, blessed by the Justice Department opinion that we could go forward with those without, in fact, committing torture.”

Host Chuck Todd asked if that included the most gruesome example to emerged from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report: forced rectal feeding.

“That does not meet the definition of what was used in the program,” Cheney said. “What was done here apparently certainly was not one of the techniques that was approved. I believe it was done for medical reasons…It wasn’t torture in terms of, it wasn’t part of the program.”

Watch the clip below, via NBC News:

[Image via screengrab]

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