Dick Durbin Blasts GOP for Ignoring Trump’s Instability: It’s ‘the Silence of the Lambs’


Following a week’s worth of mounting reports that members of President Donald Trump‘s own administration fear he’s unfit to serve, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) slammed the GOP for its lack of attention to the commander in chief’s troubling behavior.

While controversy has brewed over the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to oust Trump, as alluded to in the anonymously written New York Times op-ed by a senior staffer, Durbin said Republicans needed to step up and take action.

“I think there’s a more important role for Congress to play and especially the president’s own party,” he told NBC’s Chuck Todd in an Meet the Press interview Sunday. “This is a matter of great seriousness and gravity. We should not be dismissing it. It isn’t like his blizzard of bizarre tweets. We are talking about consistent reporting over and over again about unpredictable, unprepared, unstable behavior by this president. In a matter of great national security and defense can we trust this president to make the proper decision, to make a thoughtful decision?”

It is up to the GOP to rein in Trump, Durbin contended. However, he’s frustrated by the the slim number of lawmakers on the right who are willing to stand up to the president.

“These are things that I think should be addressed by his own party, but instead we hear the silence of the lambs,” Durbin said.

The senator acknowledged that every presidency faces certain issues, but argued that the apparent level of dysfunction within the White House was unprecedented, adding that “there is genuine fear, obviously, among some [staffers] that his behavior is going to result in some terrible things for America.”

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