Dick Morris On Gingrich Success: ‘You Don’t Win Iowa In Iowa,’ You Win It On Fox News

Fox News commentator Dick Morris appeared on Fox and Friends Wednesday and opined that Newt Gingrich didn’t have to go to Iowa to actually win the Iowa caucus, all he needed was to be on television, and on one channel in particular. “With only one office in Iowa, he’s running away with the state!” co-host Brian Kilmeade exclaimed. “It’s almost unheard of!”

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“This is a phenomenon of this year’s election,” Morris explained. “You don’t win Iowa in Iowa. you win it on this couch. You win it on Fox News. You win it in the debates. You win a national primary and it imposes itself.”

“That could make this the most powerful piece of furniture in America!” Steve Doocy declared.

“This is the casting couch,” Morris added, somewhat salaciously.

“Whoa!” Doocy boomed.

Watch Morris’s suggestion that all Gingrich needed was Fox News to win the election below:

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