Dick Morris Says Obama “May Be The First Anti-American President”


Dick Morris, frequent Fox News contributor, political strategist, and ex-BFF of the Clintons, appeared on Fox and Friends this morning where he had some harsh words to say about Obama’s new policy on nuclear weapons. He finished by claiming that the president may be our first “anti-American” commander in chief. Video of the conversation is below.

For those more interested in reading, here’s what he said:

“[Obama’s] literally saying that if an American city were gassed or hit with a biological weapon and millions were dying in the streets coughing their lungs out, or in hospital wards dying of an incurable disease, we would not use nuclear weapons to reply? It is totally absurd. It’s beyond belief that a president of the United States would say that and it shows that Barack Obama might be, might be the first anti-American president we’ve ever had.”

Morris’ first comments aren’t exactly true. While the new policy would make America’s first plan for an attack from a non-nuclear state be a non-nuclear response, there are provisions made specifically for biological attacks. The Nuclear Posture Review Report released by the Department of Defense (which you can read in full as a PDF here) explicitly makes this clear in only the first few pages.

From the report:

“Given the catastrophic potential of biological weapons and the rapid pace of bio-technology development, the United States reserves the right to make any adjustment in the assurance that may be warranted by the evolution and proliferation of the biological weapons threat and U.S. capacities to counter that threat.”

In other words, if someone drops some gas on us and there are millions, like Morris said, “coughing their lungs out in the street”, the new policy is out the window and it’s going to rain nukes quicker than you can say “the right to make adjustments”.

Of course, Morris’ comments about Obama being anti-American are harder to disprove. And to combat the idea that he’s the first anti-American president, one would need the help of a team of historians and presidential biographers. But to disprove Morris’ statements about biological weapons, one only needs two minutes and a Google search.

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