Dickerson Presses Kaine: Dems Can Dismiss Bill Clinton’s Behavior, But Not Trump’s?


CBS’ John Dickerson confronted Tim Kaine this morning over Hillary Clinton‘s truthfulness and an inherent double standard in how the Donald Trump accusers are being perceived versus Bill Clinton‘s.

Dickerson said it’s clear the WikiLeaks emails show “a lot of effort to tell the voters a different story than what Hillary Clinton’s apparent position is on issues,” asking if voters have the right “to get the straight story from a candidate who is asking to be given so much power?”

Kaine dismissed the emails and questioned the legitimacy of many of them because one of the emails referred to him and “was completely inaccurate.” (Kaine admitted that it could be inaccurate “because the sender didn’t know what he or she was talking about.”)

Dickerson also asked, “When people look at the WikiLeaks e-mails, is it the standard of the truthfulness in those conversations that we should expect from the Clinton administration?”

Kaine again dismissed the emails and said, “I don’t even assume that they’re all accurate.”

And then Dickerson got onto the issue of hypocrisy where Trump and Bill Clinton are concerned:

“With respect to Donald Trump and these accusations about his behavior, you have mentioned that it shows a pattern of behavior on Donald Trump’s part. But that’s what Democrats defended against with Bill Clinton in 1992. Republicans say these allegations represent a pattern of behavior and that means he shouldn’t with president. So, if it was good enough to defend Bill Clinton to say there is a separation, why isn’t that a good enough defense for Donald Trump?”

Watch how Kaine answered above, via CBS.

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