Did Donald Trump Accidentally Do an Interview on Russia Today?

Let’s just get the weirdest part of this out of the way: Larry King having a show on a Kremlin-funded news outlet is just strange.

But today this led to Trump giving an interview on Russia Today, as if all the questions about his playing footsie with Vladimir Putin weren’t enough.

Now, in fairness to Trump, he likely didn’t think too much beyond just doing an interview with his longtime friend Larry King. But that doesn’t make it any less amusing that Trump complained about the dishonest media in an interview with Russia Today.

Oh, and Trump said he has “no opinion” on whether Russia was behind the DNC hack. And on the question of whether Russia wants to “disrupt” the U.S. election, Trump said, “Maybe the Democrats are putting that out… That would not be appropriate at all.”

But after the interview aired, this happened:

What would be worse, though? A U.S. presidential candidate agreeing to do an interview on Russia Today, or doing one by accident?

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