Donny Deutsch Lumps Olbermann In With “Crazys” Limbaugh And Beck

It’s day two for Donny Deutsch filling in for a suspended David Shuster during the hour-long 3pmET time slot, also known as MSNBC’s Angry in America experiment. Today he looked at how the media plays a part in angering Americans, airing clips of the usual suspects angering Americans including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and…Keith Olbermann?

After playing a collection of “angry” clips, Deutsch asked guest Karen Hunter if we should call these guys entertainers. She agreed, and said that “we should stop calling these people journalists.” One wonders how Mr. Olbermann will review this clip that ran on his own network. What’s worse? The clip that producers chose to air to illustrate Olbermann’s provocative nature appears to have been pulled from YouTube.

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