Did ESPN Announcer ‘Inadvertently’ Call D.C. Redskins ‘The Washingtons’?

As the debate over the Washington Redskins’ “racist” name continues to rage, extra scrutiny and attention is paid every time the team is discussed in the media. And football fans certainly took notice last night during Monday Night Football when announcer Mike Tirico referred to the team as the “The Washingtons.”

Filling time before 3rd down toward the end of the first half, Tirico remarked, “You talk about continuity with the staff. The staff in Detroit, the Giants and the Washingtons–the only three staffs in the leagues where the head coach, the offensive coordinator and the defensive coordinator have been together longer than this group here.”

The other announcer didn’t pick up on the comment, moving on announce the next play, but many on Twitter caught it, wondering if there was political motivations behind the remark. Tirico himself responded to one of those tweets today, apologizing for not making the “political statement” many thought they heard:

Additionally, BuzzFeed reached out to ESPN spokesman, who said the comment “was an unintentional error” and that after saying “the Giants,” Tirico “needed to make Washington plural and misspoke.”

Watch video below, via ESPN:

[photo via Steelers Gab]

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