Did Fred Thompson Call Mike Huckabee A Liar On Fox and Friends?

He kinda did, yeah. On Friday morning’s Fox and Friends, the gang confronted former Sen. Fred Thompson with video of Mike Huckabee‘s accusation that Thompson had remained in the 2008 primary race in South Carolina at Sen. John McCain‘s urging, to take votes away from Huckabee. Thompson denied the accusation, and went a step further, saying he “doubted” Huckabee’s assertion that several McCain aides confirmed the story to him.

“John (McCain) certainly encouraged Fred to stay in,” Huckabee said on Thursday’s F&F. “I think everyone understood fred knew he was not going to get the nomination.”

“I don’t blame John, I don’t blame Fred,” Huckabee added. “They were good friends. Many people in the McCain camp have since confirmed, you know, he said ‘Please stay in. I need you in South Carolina.'”

Thompson reacted to the clip, saying, “Minding my own business, having my second cup of coffee, contemplating the election in general terms, and the future, and Mike wanted to revisit the campaign last time. I — you know, what Mike just said is fine except for one thing: there’s not one shred of truth to it.”

He went on to say that neither McCain and he, nor their people, ever spoke about Thomson remaining in the race, or even spoke at all between the Iowa Caucuses and the 2008 South Carolina primary.

Like Thompson, you’re probably wondering why Huckabee and the F&F gang don’t just dig out a quarter, and call someone who cares. The former Senator made it interesting, though, when he politely challenged Huckabee’s truthfulness. With all due respect, of course.

“Mike has been around long enough to know not to inhale all that stuff too deeply,” Thompson began, “and when he says several McCain people have come to him and verified it, I must say, you know, I have nothing at all against Mike Huckabee, but I doubt that. I doubt that. And if they did, he should name the names.”

Perhaps the best moment of the clip, though, was Eric Bolling‘s use of what should be, if there’s any justice, an instant catchphrase. As Thompson assessed Mitt Romney’s campaign in South Carolina (invoking Queensbury Rules, as if we didn’t already know he’s older than sand), Bolling had to wrap things up, using the double-take inducing phrase “We’re gonna get a hard-out in just a couple of seconds here.”

Here’s the clip, from Fox News:

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