Did Jim Lehrer’s Meek Performance Remind You Of A Famous Movie Character?

My answer is yes. If it didn’t for you, well then it should have. I’ll explain in a moment.

But the general consensus about last night’s debate moderator performance was that PBS anchor Jim Lehrer got “totally owned” by the two presidential candidates. Our own Josh Feldman lamented that Lehrer seemed incapable of controlling the debate by grilling the individual candidates on their facts.

Lehrer’s actual moderation mostly consisted of asking each candidate to explain how they differ from the other. But other than that, it was mostly “ah,” “um,” “okay,” and “just so you know, we’re almost out of time.”

The amount of times both President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney walked all over Lehrer was astonishing. Nearly every time he tried to interrupt them, usually to make them aware of time constraints, they either dismissed him or ignored the rules.

His performance begs for a compilation of smash-cut selections of his weak interruptions. The Internet is fast these days, and so NowThis News grabbed the highlights:

But now, which movie character comes to mind upon viewing those submissive responses? My vote goes to Milton from Office Space, the obsessive man who muttered to everyone: “Ah, um, excuse me. I believe you have my stapler?”

Gaze at the below video and notice the similarities between Lehrer meekly demanding control over the debate and Milton Waddams meekly demanding the return of his red Swingline stapler:

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