Did Michele Bachmann Use Taxpayer Money To Pay For Her Tea Party Rallies?

An investigation by Roll Call suggests Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann may have used taxpayer dollars to pay for Tea Party rallies and for speakers at anti-Obama events. The subject was discussed on Fox Business Network’s The Willis Report where even if there was doubt regarding whether Bachmann violated any House rules, all on the panel seemed in agreement that Bachmann needs to be very careful moving forward.

Monica Crowley warned Bachmann that with a media that is out to get her, she needs to be extremely cautious:

“Here it comes, this is the first attack on Michele Bachmann. So far she’s been relatively immune because nobody quite took her seriously. She’s gaining in the polls, when you start gaining in the polls and gaining traction, that’s when you start attracting the wrath of the left-wing media.”

Yet Gerri Willis smartly responded, especially if that’s true “don’t you have to be above the possibility of impropriety” and not even potentially use such money for an improper purpose? Yet the best suggestion from the panel may have been urging Bachmann to get out in front of this story by just cutting a personal check for the amount spent and move on. Otherwise, as Anthony Weiner proved, ignoring a small headache now could grow to be a much bigger problem later.

Watch the clip from Fox Business below:

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