Did Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Defend Himself on Radio Show as Caller Named ‘Ian’?

On Thursday evening, another chapter was added to the miserable drama that is “Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford may be a crackhead.” According to Toronto radio host Bill Carroll, the beleaguered mayor called into the radio show, posing as a man named “Ian,” defending himself against allegations that he was caught smoking crack cocaine on video.

As a New York-based website, we’re not intimately familiar with the cadences of Mayor Ford’s voice, but Carroll and his colleagues are “at least 90-percent sure” that the mayor was really on the line. At first, “Ian” defends the mayor but when Carroll becomes dismissive, the caller turns hostile.

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It was at that point, the radio hosts alleged, that you can clearly tell it was Ford on the phone, solely based on verbal cues and the idiosyncrasies of his voice. When Carroll asked “Ian,” point-blank, “Is this Rob Ford?” the caller hung up. So there’s that.

Listen below and see for yourself, via SoundCloud:

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