Did Trump Steal the Campaign-Style Video He Aired at a Coronavirus Briefing From… Hannity?


President Donald Trump queued a campaign-style video at Monday’s daily coronavirus press conference, billed as a supercut clip produced by the White House — but it turns out part of the clip which attacked the media appears to have been directly lifted from Sean Hannity’s Fox News prime time program.

The clip was cut from Hannity’s show on March 26, just minutes before the president joined the cable news host for a one-on-one interview via phone.

As Mediaite posted about on Monday, Trump at the Covid-19 presser “teed up a video package that compiled clips of reporting and media figures downplaying the virus’ threat, which began with a full-screen title saying: ‘The Media Minimized the Risk from the Start.'”

The stealth move, with no credit given to the network by Trump, was first spotted by the progressive watchdog organization Media Matters For America.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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