Did Trump Tell Democratic Lawmakers ‘Bye Bye’ or ‘Buh Bye’? CNN New Day Debates


President Donald Trump reportedly stormed out of an Oval Office meeting with congressional leadership after negotiations to end a government shutdown and fund a campaign promised border wall broke down. But before he left, he allegedly held his hands to the side of his head and said “bye bye” a detail which appears to be confirmed by many in the room and a Trump tweet.

But what was the specific intonation of Trump’s “bye bye”? Was it said with the accent on the second “bye” or in a more evenly balanced staccato manner? These are the important questions that viewers of New Day tune in to see resolved, as host Alisyn Camerota introduced a montage of Trump saying the terms “bye bye” the evenly accented and staccato manner that she had imagined.

Bonus points for opening the segment by offering butterfingers and other candy to her fellow panelists, of which it appears Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin was the only to partake.

Watch above via CNN.

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