‘Dirty Trickster’ Roger Stone: ‘There’s One Dirty Trick Not In my Bag – Treason’


CNN’s Andrew Cuomo faced off with Roger Stone on New Day Thursday morning, sparring over President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey in a lengthy interview.

Stone, a former Trump advisor and self-described ‘dirty-trickster,’ has been the subject of media scrutiny since it was reported he was a subject of the FBI’s investigation into alleged collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.

It was reported yesterday that Stone had been urging Trump to fire Comey, who he has repeatedly accused of committing perjury in his Senate testimony. Trump denied that Stone had anything to do with Comey’s firing, claiming he had “not spoken to Roger in a long time.”

Cuomo went after Stone on a number of topics surrounding the FBI’s Russia investigation, including Trump’s letter firing Comey, which curiously mentions the Russia investigation.

In response, Stone dismissed comparisons between the Russia probe and Watergate: “I’m sorry, but the Russian collusion scandal is a scandal in search of evidence,” Stone said. He added he was eager to testify before the Senate and House committees.

“They can call me a dirty trickster, but there’s one trick that’s not in my bag: treason. And Donald Trump didn’t need help from the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton,” he added.

Stone went on to defend the decision to axe the FBI director this week, despite criticism that the timing raises eyebrows, claiming he has sources in the FBI that were pleased to see Comey go. “Mr. Comey’s worn out his credibility, I don’t think the American people believe him anymore,” he said.

Stone also revealed he had seen some of Hillary Clinton’s emails currently held by the NYPD, and predicted they would be released to the public soon.

Comey also grilled Stone on his repeated predictions during the 2016 campaign that it would soon be Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s “time in the barrel,” just before WikiLeaks released his emails. Cuomo noted how Stone had bragged about his relationship with Julian Assange, describing the predictions as “a hell of a coincidence.” Stone has since denied communication with Assange, after the investigation into ties between Trump associates and Russia ramped up.

“You predicted [Podesta] was going to get hit, you predicted that Hillary was going to get hit, and then they got hit,” Cuomo charged.

Stone rejected that idea that his predictions proved communication as “conjecture.”

Stone then defended Assange against charges from American intelligence agencies that the WikiLeaks founder works with Russia, claiming the agencies have become “politicized” and are “riddled with neocons unhappy with the outcome of this election.”

Cuomo also asked Stone about the stonewalling of American media from Trump’s meetings with Russian officials on Wednesday. Stone took the chance to bash the press, claiming “the American media has continued to promote the myth of Russian collusion without any evidence.”

“Show us the evidence!”

Watch the sit-down above in two parts, via CNN.

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