‘Disappointing’: Scarborough, MSNBC Host Take On ‘Prickly,’ ‘Extraordinarily Defensive’ Greenwald

NBC’s David Gregory and the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald got a bit testy this weekend after Gregory asked about his role in aiding and abetting NSA leaker Edward Snowden. The Morning Joe crew reacted to the exchange on Monday. While Joe Scarborough gave Greenwald credit, he also questioned his “extraordinarily defensive” response, which he found disappointing.

It was a question and Greenwald could have just said no, Scarborough pressed. “If he’s just getting information and putting it in the newspaper, that’s one thing,” he added. “If he’s a much bigger part of this story…that’s quite another.”

As Kathleen Parker warned against prosecuting reporters for doing their job, Scarborough agreed — but added, “People ask him questions and he knocks their heads off. You can ask questions of people.”

Later in the segment, Scarborough clarified that he wasn’t speculating about Greenwald’s role while Parker found the role reversal interesting. That it’s Greenwald whose getting the questions now. They each observed how defensive Greenwald has been.

“I’ve given Glenn great credit because he went after the Bush administration, but he’s also obviously going after the Obama administration,” Scarborough noted. “He’s a very, very independent person. He’s just been extraordinarily defensive in these interviews that I’ve seen. Which has been disappointing.”

He’s “a very interesting character” and “prickly at times,” Thomas Roberts pointed out.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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