Disturbing Video Seems To Show Man Taking Poison Pill In Courtroom After Conviction

Well, this is disturbing. Yesterday, Michael Marin, a former Wall Street banker was convicted of arson after burning down his $3.5 million Arizona mansion to collect a $650,000 insurance claim and pay off debts. However, mere minutes after the verdict was read, he began having trouble breathing, convulsing, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. But that’s not it. Upon reviewing video tape of the day in court, it would appear that Marin had secretly slipped something into his mouth.

Did this man concoct and enact a plan to kill himself if he was found guilty?

That’s definitely what it seems in the video. Right after the verdict is read out, Marin puts his hands to his mouth. At the time, anyone would have thought that he was merely distraught. However, with the camera zoomed in on his face, you can clearly see movement of his fingers followed by him swallowing.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jeff Sprong stressed that nothing would be clear until a toxicology report came back. Until then, judge for yourself with both the raw video from the courtroom as well as a news report from KSAZ in Phoenix.

(h/t Reddit)

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