DNC Chair Tom Perez Says ‘George W. Bush Republicans’ Could Help Flip Texas Blue: ‘They’re Compassionate Conservatives’


Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez claimed “George W. Bush Republicans” could help flip Texas blue on Tuesday by voting for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In an appearance on MSNBC, Perez told Chris Hayes, “I spent Saturday, Sunday, and part of yesterday in Texas. If I had told you a year ago, Chris, I would spend the last weekend before the most important election of our lifetime in Texas, that would have surprised you, but Texas is genuinely in play.”

“When you look at counties like Williamson County, which is suburban Austin, you know in 2014 that was hardcore Republican. Now they’re ready to flip everything top to bottom,” Perez claimed. “And everyone I talked to, everyone in my six-city swing here, they said to me Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are so helpful at the top of the ticket.”

Perez said, “There is a fusion coalition of hardcore Democrats, people coming out for the first time — and you’re gonna see that — independents, and John McCain Republicans, although I would call them here in Texas, I think they’re George W. Bush Republicans, because they’re compassionate conservatives, and there’s nothing compassionate about anything that Donald Trump has done during his presidency.”

“So it’s not only watching the Democratic turnout, I think you ought to keep an eye on some of these independents and Republicans who are party of Lincoln Republicans, party of George W. Bush Republicans,” he concluded.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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