‘Do You Think That One Media Group’ Will Show The Crowd?: Trump Goads Media, Media Antes Up

During his post-inauguration rally today in Florida, President Trump once again accused the media of downplaying the size of crowd in attendance, saying none of them would show just how large the audience actually was.

Trump brought back his favorite campaign talking points today, though he also devoted a good part of his speech to denouncing the “fake news” media in his continued feud with the political press. At multiple points, Trump brought back his tangent about how TV networks covering the rally would never zoom out and pan over to show off his crowd size.

“Do you think that one media group back there, that one network will show this crowd?” Trump asked the room. “Not one. They won’t show the crowd.”

As it were, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News did pan around to show the crowd just as Trump accused them again of never doing any such thing.

Watch above to see all three networks call Trump’s bluff and show the size of the crowd in attendance.

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