Doctor Explains The Migraine That Mimicked A Stroke In Serene Branson

KCBS-TV reporter Serene Branson visited the CBS Early Show Friday morning, talking about the Grammys night liveshot that left many viewers worried they’d just witnessed a reporter having a stroke on live television. Appearing with Erica Hill and CBS medical reporter Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Branson said she felt nervous about returning to work but had been fully cleared to do so by her doctors.

“She had the complete head-to-toe workup. Everything was evaluated according to a stroke protocol to exclude a stroke,” said Ashton. “95 percent sure did not have a stroke, but a classic migraine,” which can mimic the symptoms of a stroke. What was different from a traditional stroke, Ashton said, was the timeline. Branson’s symptoms developed slowly over time, “little by little,” while a stroke comes on “like a lightswitch.”

Branson’s being treated with medication, and while she’s at higher risk of another incident and potentially a stroke, she’s got an excellent chance of a full recovery without problems.

Watch the interview here, from CBS News:

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