Does Helen Thomas Have Any Regrets About Comments That Cost Her Job? “Hell No”

If you thought former White House reporter Helen Thomas might want to apologize for the comments she made last year suggesting Jews “go home” to Germany and Poland and “get the Hell out of Palestine,” well, she’s fine with what she said. In fact, in her first big television interview since the controversy, she seemed to double down, angrily defending the content of what she said about Palestine.

Thomas told HLN’s Joy Behar Wednesday night “Hell no,” she doesn’t care what people think.

Behar asked if Thomas–having had time to reflect–could see anything insensitive in her remarks. Thomas said what she saw was an environment of hostility to anyone who criticizes Israel. “You say one thing about Israel and you’re off limits.”

Regrets? Only that “everybody misinterpreted it and distorted it…and I should’ve kept my mouth shut probably.”

Watch it here, from HLN:

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