‘Doesn’t This Start At Home?’: Cooper Challenges Conway On Melania’s Cyberbullying Speech

cooper-conway-melaniaeditedTrump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway showed up tonight on CNN for an interview with anchor Anderson Cooper, and just like in times past, it turned into a bit of a contentious affair, with the CNN host pushing the veteran pollster over Melania Trump’s recent speech.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump’s wife made a speech near Philadelphia where she called for an end to cyberbullying. Speaking to Conway, Cooper wanted to know how Melania could credibly make this case considering her husband’s own history on social media.

Cooper asked the campaign manager, “If it is not okay for kids to do this, why is it okay for adults? For Donald Trump?”

Conway responded that it isn’t okay for anyone to do this, only for Cooper to reply by saying her candidate was the one up on Twitter at 3 AM.

She attempted to pivot by bringing up the amount of harassment she’s received on Twitter, bringing up members of the media who have been mean to her, but Cooper didn’t relent.

“You know, the question is doesn’t this start at home,” Cooper questioned. “Isn’t the problem at her own dinner table?”

Conway claimed that there was no problem because Donald Trump just defends himself on Twitter, leading Cooper to bring up the time Trump made fun of Carly Fiorina’s face, pointing out he wasn’t counterpunching but just attacking.

Watch the interview above, via CNN.

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