Dog Brings Something Very Disturbing and Disgusting Back Home…

In what sounds a lot like the cold open of a Bones episode, Washington resident Bill Flowers was shocked to find his dog Liberty dropping a human leg, detached from the rest of the body, in his front yard. And when investigators looked into the matter, they discovered a number of other body parts in the area.

Flowers told KOMO, “None of the leg or foot was damaged––from the knee down it wasn’t damaged at all.”

After a failed attempt to place a GPS collar on Liberty and follow the dog all the way to where she found the leg, authorities ended up using their own search and rescue dogs, and ended up discovering a pelvis and a rib cage in the same area on the Nisqually Reservation.

So some dogs tell you when Little Timmy’s trapped in the well, others dig up body parts. All dogs are different.

Watch the report on the incident below, via KOMO:

[h/t The Blaze]

[photo via screengrab]

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