Don Imus Loves “Scary” Glenn Beck Even Though “He’s Insane”

Shep Smith popped up on Imus in the Morning this morning and he got Don Imus to list the shows he watches at night which led to a review of the Fox News line up. As this was being broadcast on Fox Business as well as the radio, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Imus was fairly positive about the sister network’s staff. He said he liked Bill O’Reilly and that he loved Glenn Beck. He did admit, however, that both of them are pretty much insane.

Here’s his quotes on Beck:

IMUS: You know who else I like? I really like Beck. Well, I think he’s scary. Here’s the other thing, he could be right too about one.

SMITH: About which part?

IMUS: Anything. I mean, he may not be. But, personally, we have him on the show occasionally. I love the guy, he’s a sweetheart. He’s a nice man. He’s got a great sense of humor. I mean, so he’s insane.

SMITH: We all are on some levels.”

Not exactly a perfect pull quote for Beck to use in his advertising, but still a nice comment nonetheless. Imus also claimed to be a fan of Neil Cavuto. No word on his mental state though.

Check out the clip from Fox Business below:

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