Don Imus: ‘Megyn McGee. What’s Her Name? Megyn Kelly. Gets A Little Hysterical For Me. Calm Down, Honey’

Don Imus: Fox's Megyn Kelly Gets A Little Hysterical For Me. 'Calm Down, Honey'

Radio host and Fox Business personality Don Imus believes that Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly can get a “little hysterical” for his taste.

Imus, you see, had Martha MacCallum — who sat in for Kelly on America Live while the latter was on maternity leave — on as his guest. And the radio host decided to share with MacCallum his thoughts on a number of big names at Fox News, including Kelly.

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Here’s the pertinent portion of their conversation:

Imus: The reason I love Shep Smith — and I’ll tell you why I do. And you guys, too, and I like Jenna Lee and John and those people. And here’s why. Because you get the news, and, uh… Sometimes Megyn McGee, uh. What’s her name? Megyn Kelly. Gets a little hysterical for me. I mean, calm down, honey, ok?

MacCallum: You love Megyn Kelly. I know you do.

Imus: Yes, I do. I didn’t say I didn’t. But she can be a little melodramatic. You guys aren’t.

What a paragon of intelligence and awareness, this one. Good job, Don Imus! Good to know you’re capable of learning and growing. Good thing Imus has never been prone to melodrama or fits of hysterical drivel.


Do have a look at the segment for yourselves:


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