Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo Rip Tucker Carlson: ‘Uses His Platform to Demonize Immigrants’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon tonight ripped Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for the comments he made about immigrants that kicked off an advertiser boycott.

A number of companies have pulled ads from Carlson’s show after he talked about immigration making the U.S. “dirtier.” Carlson last night responded and said he won’t be “intimidated.” After more companies withdrew ads today, Fox News put out a statement denouncing “agenda-driven intimidation efforts from the likes of, Media Matters and Sleeping Giants.”

Tonight Cuomo briefly showed the clip of Carlson and asked, “Dirtier? Is he really talking about human beings that way?”

He told Lemon, “I don’t ordinarily play hateful speech on the show, but it’s important for people to see what someone’s trying to pass off as news.”

Lemon admitted he generally tries not to criticize colleagues, but noted that Fox News programming a lot of the time looks like “the CNN, MSNBC criticism channel.”

As for Carlson specifically, Lemon said he believes that while people shouldn’t be boycotted for a “one-off” comment, it’s different “when it’s how you use your platform comprehensively, how you use it on an overall basis, on a general basis every single day.”

He continued on to blast Carlson for using his platform to “demonize immigrants almost on a nightly basis, to demonize this network almost on a nightly basis, to spread false information, misinformation, to spread the President’s lies, to cover the President’s back, to carry his water on a nightly basis.”

Cuomo agreed, but he made a point of saying he doesn’t consider Carlson to be a “colleague”:

“I think the Trump trio are in a different business than the one that I’m in. They have different tactics. They have different reasons for doing it, and they have different goals of what they’re trying to do. So I don’t consider him a colleague. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to say it, but so do advertisers have the right to respond to what he says. Same thing for us.”

He added that if Carlson doesn’t believe what he’s saying but spouts it anyway, “I think that’s worse.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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