Don Lemon: GOP Hypocrisy ‘Far Beyond the Hypocrisy on the Democratic Side’


At the top of his show Friday night, CNN’s Don Lemon ripped Republicans for the hypocrisy which he said is “far beyond the hypocrisy on the Democratic side.”

It happened during a conversation with Chris Cuomo over President Donald Trump‘s declaration of a national emergency to get wall funding.

Lemon started by calling himself an “observer of politics.”

“So I’m not really a political reporter, nor a political animal,” Lemon said. “I know people may think that, but I’m not. ..As an observer, the hypocrisy on the Republican side for the last few years, I can’t even fathom when it comes to evangelicals and conservatives, when it comes to this president and his past and what he says and what he does, how he treats people, he cheated on his wife, blind eye.”

Lemon recalled all the Republican outrage about former President Barack Obama, saying, “They all freaked out. Oh, my gosh, he wore a tan suit, and Michelle Obama had her arms out. They don’t say anything about the current president who, you know, slept with a porn star, lied about it..”

Lemon was not done yet,  turning to talk of First Lady Melania Trump.

“Do what you want with your body, who was a model and did nude or semi-nude pictures. That means nothing to them.”

Then, hammering his point, a fired up Lemon said this: “And then on this thing with this president, who subverts the Congress who is supposed to hold the power of the purse, they say nothing about that either. I think the hypocrisy on the Republican side is far beyond the hypocrisy on the Democratic side. It happens. Yes, there’s enough hypocrisy to go around, but this is just on steroids. It is unbelievable to sit here and watch it.”

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