Don Lemon Grills Hamas Spox: How Long Will You Let Innocents Suffer?

CNN anchor Don Lemon put Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan on the hot seat tonight over Hamas’ reported capture of an Israeli soldier that factored into the swift end of the ceasefire. And what Lemon really wanted to ask was, “How much longer will you allow innocent Palestinians to die and suffer?”

Lemon grilled Hamdan over how they could not know by now whether Hamas has that Israeli soldier in custody. Hamdan said the more important question is why he was “killing civilians in our houses” in the first place. He asserted Hamas asked for more observers in the ceasefire to ensure nothing could go wrong.

Lemon kept pressing him on the captured soldier, which Hamdan claimed to know nothing about. Lemon asked, “Isn’t that exactly what you want, to capture an Israeli soldier?” Hamdan asked Lemon if he really doesn’t believe soldiers killing civilians is a crime. Lemon shot back that firing rockets during a ceasefire ranks up there too.

Lemon ended the interview by asking the question about how long Hamas will continue this, as innocent Palestinians die. Hamdan continued to blame Israel and touted how they are hoping for a long-term ceasefire.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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