Don Lemon Has Perfect Response To Trump Senior Adviser Who Tweeted He Was a ‘Dummie’

don-lemon-cnneditedEarlier this afternoon, Trump senior adviser Dan Scavino Jr. attacked CNN anchor Don Lemon on Twitter regarding CNN cutting ties with Donna Brazile after recent hacked emails came to light via WikiLeaks.

According to Scavino, Lemon owed CNN political commentator and Donald Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes an apology over her saying Brazile had given out debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

Lemon eventually responded with pretty much a perfect comeback.

The fact is, Lemon is not only right about the proper way to spell “dummy,” but also that he never said that Brazile didn’t share any info. Instead, he explained that he did point out that CNN had never shared info and that instead it was another journalist who did, referring to Roland Martin (who does not work for CNN). So, thus, Scavino was doubly wrong.

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