Don Lemon Heralds the End of the Trump Presidency by Invoking Its Beginning: ‘Tomorrow… This American Carnage Will Be Over’


CNN’s Don Lemon heralded the end of the Donald Trump president on Inauguration Eve, by turning the infamous “American carnage” line Trump used at his swearing-in four years ago on its head.

During the 10:00 p.m. handoff between his prime-time lead-in, Chris Cuomo, the pair bantered over the legacy Trump will leave when as he jets off to Florida Wednesday morning so he won’t have to face the man who beat him in the 2020 election, Joe Biden.

“History will be the judge,” Lemon said, before comparing former President Barack Obama’s farewell speech and Biden’s remarks at a Covid-19 memorial to Trump’s 20-minute valedictory, delivered earlier on Tuesday. “And watching Joe Biden be a human being, showing empathy, being emotional, talking about the 400,000 people who died, paying tribute to those people… and to the people who have kept America on track for the last year.”

“Because in spite of all of the craziness and lack of leadership, all of the lying and vitriol that came out of this White House and the people who support this president, America is still on-track. And the people who have been running the country and keeping the country going are still here for this country. Many of them did die during the pandemic, but they enough are still around where said I’ve had enough,” Lemon explained. “Tomorrow, I think this ‘American carnage’ will be over.”

Later on, Lemon played a clip of Trump’s 2017 inauguration speech, where the incoming president struck a ominous note by saying “American carnage stop here and it stops now.”

“It certainly does, doesn’t it,” Lemon said, applying those words to a country reeling from overlapping crises four years alter. “He was prescient. Four years ending with true ‘American carnage,’ a riot, a pandemic, carnage. More than 400,000 Americans dead from coronavirus, and a president whose dereliction of duty let all this happen on his watch. No more denying the truth and lying to the people about a deadly pandemic.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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