Don Lemon: I Left the South Because Black People Feel Limited Down There

Prior to the Confederate battle flag’s removal outside the South Carolina State House, CNN’s Don Lemon gave a personal confession: Like many other black Americans, he left the south as a young adult thinking his chances were limited if he had stayed south of the Mason-Dixon line.

After Urban League President JT McLawhorn suggested the Confederate battle flag has long been a symbol promoting “a culture of low expectations” for black residents, Lemon responded with the following personal anecdote:

I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — really a little town called Port Allen, Louisiana, and also Baker. I didn’t think specifically about the flag. I just thought my chances are limited as long as I stay in the south. So I went north where I did have more opportunities, quite frankly. […] Many people do leave the south because they feel they don’t have opportunities and this flag may be a representation of that.

Watch below, via CNN:

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