Don Lemon Laughs at Trump’s Big Giant Letter from Kim Jong Un: ‘That is Huge’

On Friday night, CNN host Don Lemon couldn’t help but comment on the big, giant letter President Donald Trump received from Kim Jong Un on Friday via Senior North Korean official Kim Yong Chol.

Earlier Friday, the White House sent out photos of Trump with Kim Yong Chol and the letter, a move that, in itself drew comments, not only about the size of the envelope but as CNN’s Jim Sciutto pointed out, the fact it shows Trump smiling next to a man who ran a gulag.

Yet, flashing the photo on the screen during his show Friday night, Lemon couldn’t contain a chuckle as he smiled and noted the correspondence was “a very big letter, by the way. That is a big letter, look at that.”

Breaking down, he laughed, “That is huge.”

Then, a few minutes later, Lemon mocked the big letter again, this time during a panel on North Korea.

“Look at it, it is huge,” Lemon said, comparing it to one of those “giant checks.”

White House Correspondent April Ryan then chimed in with a laugh.

“Size does matter, it does,” she said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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