Don Lemon On Combative Sen. Rand Paul Interview: ‘It’s Not Ideological’ To Insist On Direct Answers

CNN’s Don Lemon is getting a lot of attention as of late. Whether it be the comedic spotlight from the likes of Stephen Colbert or The Daily Show, or a clash with Tea Party favorite Senator Rand Paul, Lemon is quickly distinguishing himself as an authoritative and serious voice for CNN as he reveals his “no talking points” rule here.

Lemon, commenting on his combative interview with Paul, explains “I didn’t insist on Rand Paul answering directly just because he’s a conservative and a member of the Tea Party.” Instead, Lemon states that he was just as a persistent with a Democratic senator who was his guest earlier in the show. Lemon concludes:

“It’s not ideological to ask someone to stick to the question presented. It’s just being respectful of you the viewer, the voter, who deserves direct answers from the people who are fortunate enough to be given a platform on national television to speak directly to the American people.”

Following in the footsteps of Jon Stewart who suggested Lemon be given his own show called “Lemon Harangue,” given that now Lemon seems to be debuting his own version of a “No-Spin Zone,” might an appropriate name for Lemon’s new “no talking points allowed” segment be “You Are Now Entering The Lemon Square?”

Watch the clip from CNN below:

Watch the full Sen. Rand Paul Interview below:

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