Don Lemon on Renaming Bases Named for Confederate Leaders: ‘Would You Want to Go to a Hitler High School?’


CNN’s Don Lemon responded to the debate over military bases named for Confederate leaders — which the president is opposed to renaming — by asking Friday if people would be okay with going to “Hitler High School.”

On CNN Thursday, former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson got very personal showing a picture of his great-great-grandmother and saying the Confederate flag represents is a sign that she “should have remained a slave for the rest of her life.”

Lemon told Wolf Blitzer most African-Americans can relate to Johnson’s comments, saying the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments are signs of “anti-Americanism” and “symbols of regression.”

“The president is missing the moment when it comes to this. There are even staunch conservatives who understand that it is time to get rid of the Confederate flag in our culture. It is time to rename some military installations,” he continued. “Who would want to go to school — let’s just be honest — would you want to go to a Hitler high school? Would you want to go have your kids play in Bin Laden park? If you were a black military member, would you want to go to — or any military member of any race — would you like to have served at Fort Benedict Arnold?”

“The symbols he’s fighting for are for losers, and for people who were traitors to this country,” Lemon added.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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