Don Lemon on Sarah Sanders: Are You Supporting a Free Press If You ‘Spread Lies from the Podium’?


CNN’s Don Lemon tonight took issue with Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ claim today that the Trump administration supports a free press.

Sanders made that comment today in response to questions about whether the White House supports Trump rallygoers heckling CNN’s Jim Acosta at a rally last night.

“It’s no secret that the white House’s relationship with the press is terrible,” Lemon said, noting that’s clearly the case because of the administration’s war on journalism and the truth.”

Lemon first brought up the debunked claim she made about journalists not caring about divulging classified information before saying this:

“It is quite a stretch to go back two decades to a debunked story to try to defend the behavior we all saw last night. Are you supporting a free press if you spread falsehoods––excuse me––if you spread lies from the podium? And does the president support a free press if he also supports the people who try to stop journalists from doing their jobs? The president retweeted a video of his fans booing Jim Acosta at his rally Tuesday night.”

Lemon then brought on April Ryan, who said she brought up the bin Laden phone report claim because she’s “trying to justify the irrational.”

“I couldn’t believe when she was talking about how we get leaked information,” Ryan said. “We don’t just walk into an office and open files… Our sources are giving it to us. Giving it to us willingly, because they’re whistleblowers.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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