Don Lemon on Trump’s Demand for Border Wall: ‘People, You’re Being Played’


Speaking with Chris Cuomo on Friday night, fellow CNN host Don Lemon warned when it comes to President Donald Trump‘s demand for a border wall, “People, you’re being played.”

It started with talk of Trump’s tweeted out barrier plan.

“I talked to some people who are doing the job of protecting us. They are appalled,” Cuomo said, after flashing the image on the screen.

He then said that the people who he spoke to said the wall was about deterrence, “not cruelty.”

“That’s not what we want to do, that’s not what we’re about,” he continued on.

Then Cuomo said this: “The president needs to understand that. This is what he wants. He wants the message of cruelty. That’s why they separated the kids the way they did, that’s why they lied about it. They like that message, Don, and that’s the danger.”

Lemon then called the whole thing “a theater of the absurd.”

He added: “We should be a humane country, meaning we shouldn’t be trying to kill people if they get over a wall or stab them to death and we should not be separating parents from their children. So there you go. People, you’re being played. This is all a farce.”

Then driving his point home, Lemon said this: “He is upset because it’s a campaign promise. There are ways to protect the border, including structures. But to build a wall, listen, if you want to build a wall, that’s fine. But to have the government being open or closed, people’s livelihoods depending on something that you made it as a political promise, I think it’s just ridiculous.”

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