Don Lemon Praises Cardi B’s Viral Shutdown Rant: Only an ‘Indentured Servant or a Slave’ Works Without Being Paid


Singer Cardi B caused a big stir recently when she unloaded on President Donald Trump over the ongoing government shutdown — in an Instagram video that went ultra-viral. On CNN on Thursday, hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discussed the pop culture moment during Prime Time.

Cuomo brought Lemon in during his hour specifically for the topic. Cuomo began by saying some people might dismiss what Cardi B said because she’s “a singer, an idiot, I don’t care about her.”

“Hang on,” he objected to the hypothetical objection. “This is about caring for people that are in a bad way. The people who are being affected by the shutdown. And it’s not going to be politicians that drum up the outrage. It’s going to be regular people. And you get somebody who identifies with people like Cardi B, she could start people thinking about something they’re not thinking about right now. And if people get loud and proud about hey stop the shutdown, we’re against it– politicians act out of fear of consequence more often than conscience.”

Lemon said “why wouldn’t people care?”

“What I’m saying is she started as a reality TV star, right? She has 40 to 50 million followers on social media, on Instagram,” he continued. “Now she’s probably the most popular music star in the world right now.”

“Of course you should care about what she says because she’s speaking for a whole lot of people. And listen I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, I may not agree with her language — that’s not necessarily the language that I would use on television, maybe in person, I might use some of that — she is absolutely right. This is ridiculous.”

“If you are being summoned to work without pay, what is a synonym for that? What can–” Lemon said, leading to his primary point.

“And or no good reason,” interjected Cuomo.

“What kind of people work without being paid? Either your an indentured servant or you’re a slave,” said Lemon. “Right? That’s what’s happening right now.”

The closed by discussing how “regular” the singer is, which you can watch in the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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