Don Lemon Ravages Trump, ‘Apologists’ For Comparing Alleged POTUS Crimes to Obama: ‘Don’t Be Stupid’


CNN’s Don Lemon kicked off the week by bashing the Donald Trump, and his defenders who are drawing parallels between the president’s legal troubles and those Barack Obama had to clean up in 2008.

On Monday morning, Fox & Friends made the connection between the two presidents while discussing how federal prosecutors implicated Trump for campaign finance lawbreaking in connection with Michael Cohen. As Mediaite‘s Colby Hall noted earlier, the Fox News morning show crew did not explain that Trump’s use of a shell company to make illegal hush money payments is different from the Obama campaign’s error in disclosing a flood of late campaign donations.

Lemon reacted to all of this by saying, “I just want to scream at the television” when Trump’s allies make this sound normal or promote this “flat-out lie” in his defense.

“Don’t be stupid,” Lemon said. “Don’t think that people are stupid by pretending that this is equal and the same thing. It is not.”

Lemon continued by laying out the differences in the two situations — but he eventually moved on to have a laugh over Trump claiming that Robert Mueller has exonerated him.

“How he came to that conclusion is mind-boggling,” Lemon said. “The filings say nothing of the kind.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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