Don Lemon Calls Out Trump’s Republican ‘Enablers’: They’re Also to Blame for His Impeachment

CNN’s Don Lemon called out Republicans for not saying President Donald Trump did “anything wrong” when talking about impeachment

“When I watched every single person, every Republican who got up today and spoke, not one of them said he did anything wrong,” Lemon told Chris Cuomo, referring the statements made by members of the House during the pre-impeachment vote debate.”Not one of them said it was inappropriate. Not one of them chastised him for anything he did on the call or for any of his behavior.”

He then said this: “They have been enablers throughout this entire process.”

Continuing on, he further said that as a result of their enabling, he believes are also responsible for the impeachment.

“They didn’t say, ‘well, maybe he could have done something different. Maybe what he did was inappropriate. Maybe he should not have brought the Bidens up on the call. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought Burisma or anything that had to do with any of his personal business,'” Lemon stressed. “So they have been enablers throughout this. So I also blame them as well. They are responsible for his impeachment as well.”

Then driving his point home, he added, “So they are to blame, not just the president of the United States because they have been enablers.”

Watch above, via CNN

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