Don Lemon Rips Republicans Over Vote to Condemn Trump Tweets: ‘Passed the President’s Loyalty Test’

CNN’s Don Lemon opened his show Tuesday night ripping the House Republicans who voted against the resolution condemning President Donald Trump‘s tweets.

“The vote in the house tonight was about conscience,” he said. “About taking a stand against the racism of the president of the United States.”

Only four Republicans voted with the Democrats to condemn Trump’s tweets.

“Where were the rest of the Republicans? Where were they?” Lemon asked. “I guess they passed the president’s loyalty test. The president who told four congresswomen of color they should go back to their countries. And don’t try to pretend he didn’t say countries. Go back and at the tweet… It says it plain. It’s there. Check out the Twitter feed. He said countries. Even though every one of them is an American citizen.”

Lemon said that part of loving America is the ability to criticize it, saying, “That’s kind of the whole point of America, that we can criticize this whole thing and make it better.”

“‘Love it or leave it.’ That’s not what this is about. That’s not what America is about,” he continued. “We’re not about that. That’s not what makes America great. What makes America great is our freedom, it’s the ability to be able to dissent. Our unalienable rights to life. To liberty. And the pursuit of happiness.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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