Don Lemon Suggests Republicans Could Do Well Because They Campaigned Despite Lockdown: ‘Democrats, Abiding by the Rules, Did Not Do That’


CNN’s Don Lemon suggested that the Republican Party could do better than the Democrats in the election because they continued to campaign during the coronavirus lockdown, whereas Democrats allegedly “did not do that.”

“The question is, Chris, during the lockdown, during the quarantine, Republicans and the president’s folks did not stop their on-the-ground efforts to sign up voters, new voters, door knocking, what have you,” said Lemon on Wednesday. “The Democrats, abiding by the rules, did not do that.”

“It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays into, how that factors into whatever the outcome of this election is,” he declared, adding, “We see it playing into the early part of this clearly because at least the polling is off. Maybe that factors into it, I don’t know, but we’ll see over the coming days and weeks.”

Chris Cuomo responded by calling it “a provocative question,” explaining, “I think that this was always going to be a battle of intensity. This is a country in search of itself, and you have two choices here that are very different definitions of the soul of America.”

“I think that it’s not just about who did what during the lockdown,” he said. “It was always going to come down to which side wanted to make its point more vigorously, and what we found out was both sides delivered, right? Because turnout is the likes of which we’ve never seen, which is why the counting is a little bit more extenuated. So, we’ll see.”

Watch above via CNN.

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