Don Lemon Takes a Wrecking Ball to Trump’s Claim of Being ‘Law and Order President’: His Inner Circle Had Three Felons


CNN’s Don Lemon, during his opening monologue on Monday night, argued that Donald Trump isn’t the “law and order president” he claims to be.

In a fiery show opener, Lemon ripped Trump for slamming the Justice Department over Robert Mueller‘s investigation, and bashed the president for his silence over the Senate Intelligence Committee’s recent reports about Russia’s disinformation campaign against the special counsel.

From there, Lemon dissected Trump’s claim that he’s a “law and order” commander-in-chief, saying Trump “seems to have trouble separating what’s legal from what isn’t.”

“It’s no coincidence that members of Trump’s inner circle, including Michael Cohen, have flipped on him and cooperated with prosecutors. Now it should be illegal to flip because it’s not good for him,” Lemon dryly remarked. “Remember Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison. That is a fact, not one that Rudy Giuliani, who appears to be the president’s new fixer, can talk away.”

Lemon topped off his monologue by examining Giuliani’s public defense of Trump, especially his claim that the president was too busy to remember what he said, and that it doesn’t matter since he wasn’t under oath.

“I mean, he was busy. So, you know, he doesn’t know. He was a busy man. Michael Cohen was a busy man too, but he’s still going to go to prison. Come on, let’s remember this fact about President Trump. Three members of his inner circle, key advisers, are now convicted felons. So much for the law and order president, folks.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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