Don Lemon to Chris Cuomo After Wild Kellyanne Conway Interview: ‘I Cannot Get That 20 Minutes of My Life Back’


Thursday night was a cringe-inducing wild ride for CNN, as Chris Cuomo sparred with Kellyanne Conway, who made every effort to back President Donald Trump‘s continuing lies on his knowledge of payments to alleged ex-lovers.

The interview spiraled into such a bewildering fray of facts fought with the blatant distortion of reality that it left the network’s Don Lemon apparently regretting he tuned in.

“I cannot get that 20 minutes of my life back,” he said, laughing with Cuomo as the two rehashed it.

“I hope that it was edifying for you and you saw how difficult it is to get even the most obvious falsehoods and proof of lying to be owned and accepted by this White House,” Cuomo said, referring to Conway’s claim that the president knew nothing of a hush money deal with a former Playboy model in advance, despite an audio recording to the contrary.

“They know, and the president does as well, and Kellyanne, that you’re not attacking the president,” Lemon told Cuomo, adding that the administration simply can’t admit it because it “doesn’t play well for the base.”

Although it seemed his interview with Conway made no progress in forcing the presidential counselor to acknowledge any facts surrounding Trump’s knowledge of the non-disclosure payout, he stressed that shifting the narrative wouldn’t work on his show.

“I’m sorry the president does get a pass when he goes to the mothership for interviews,” he said, referring to Trump’s favorite channel, Fox News. “And that’s why they go there more. We will talk about what the president talks about. We will challenge them because that’s the job. The truth matters. And the mistake is thinking you’re going to scare us away from it. Won’t happen.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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