Don Lemon to DMX, Zimmerman: Don’t Make a Quick Buck off a Dead Teenager

“What the blank is wrong with DMX and George Zimmerman?” CNN anchor Don Lemon demanded Thursday morning. “And who the blank is stupid enough to watch, let alone promote a match up with those two idiots?”

Lemon was, of course, referring to the announcement that George Zimmerman would fight rapper DMX in a celebrity wrestling match.

Lemon despaired of DMX’s involvement, saying the rapper has blown a $40 million fortune through a crack addiction and is now looking to make a quick buck.

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But most of Lemon’s frustration was focused on Zimmerman. “George Zimmerman told Radar Online the celebrity boxing match was his idea,” Lemon said. “It was also his idea to follow an unarmed teenager because he thought he looked suspicious.”

“I’m sure like DMX, George Zimmerman needs a gimmick for a quick buck. But that buck should not be made on the back of a dead teenager. I for one will be standing my ground by having no part in the DMX/George Zimmerman circus act, if it does happens.”

Zimmerman has, however, indicated he would like to do the boxing event to help with his weight loss and contribute to a charity.

Listen to the segment below, via Tom Joyner Show:

[h/t Tom Joyner Show]

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