Don Lemon: Trump’s Comments About MLK ‘Painfully Ironic’ After ‘Sh*thole’ Remarks


On Friday night’s episode of CNN Tonight, Don Lemon once again tackled President Trump‘s “shithole” remark.

Lemon gave an impassioned speech to his audience where he discussed the “painfully ironic” situation of having Trump make what Lemon deemed racist comments, then going on to make a speech about Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy.

“Just one day after those disgraceful, racist comments by the President of the United States in the Oval Office, calling African nations ‘shithole countries,’ the president has not apologized. No surprise. He’s trying to deny that he used those words. But there’s no denying it. He said it,” Lemon said.

The host doubled down, saying, “The president meant those words.”

While the president’s remarks struck a nerve with Lemon, that wasn’t his biggest axe to grind. “It’s painfully ironic, or for some, just plain painful, that, today, the President sought to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” Lemon then went on to show a snippet of Trump’s words earlier where he spoke positively of Dr. King and said, “We are all created equal by god.”

Lemon acknowledged that what he is saying in front of the camera and what he says behind the cameras have two very different tones behind it:

“It kind of makes your skin crawl to hear him talk about Martin Luther King’s values. And more than that, it white-washes Dr. King. His real message, the one he fought and died for is just as powerful today as it was 50 years ago.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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