Don Lemon: Will Fox News ‘Break’ from Trump in 2019 or Just Double Down?


CNN’s Don Lemon last night talked about the cozy relationship between President Donald Trump and Fox News, asking whether there may be anything that gets the network to “break” with Trump in the new year.

After a segment from Brian Stelter on the year in Trump & Fox, Lemon asked whether we’ll see “Fox break with this President” or “doubling down.”

CNN contributor Frank Bruni said whatever happens, whatever Fox News does is “one of the accurate yardsticks” for how Trump is doing. He brought up Trump’s approval numbers and said Republicans being “more defiant” against Trump could factor into how much Fox News ends up being “unending cheerleaders” for him in 2019.

“Whatever works for Trump, that’s where he goes,” Lemon said. “Whatever wins. Don’t you think that maybe it’ll be the same way for Fox if they see that there is something that’s gonna come out of the Mueller investigation or if they see his popularity dropping that they might reverse course?”

Bruni again emphasized how much public opinion is going to play a factor here.

But as they talked about the more Trump-friendly elements of Fox and criticism of Trump from some on the network, Lemon made a point of singling out Shepard Smith for his commentary:

“I think Shepard Smith is an exceptional journalist. I have no criticism of Shepard Smith. But Shepard Smith will say something that has been said on this network 50 times. He’ll say it and it becomes news because there’s actually someone on fox who’s doing credible, objective journalism.”

He also gave credit to Bret Baier and Chris Wallace as well.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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